Visit to Khao Yai, Thailand


At the Pha Diao Dai viewpoint, Khao Yai National Park

So you are a bit sick of city life and want to get a quick break which is not very expensive and gives you a change of scene. Enter Khao Yai National Park in Thailand.

Bangkok is always fun and so are beach towns like Phuket and Krabi. Recently though, we got to see a different side of Thailand at Khao Yai.

While researching online on weekend getaways from Singapore, we chanced upon not only beautiful images of the place but also those of a unique stay called Lala Mukha tented resort. We were sold and made plans for a short 4 days holiday which included 1.5 days in Bangkok and 2.5 days in Khao Yai.

How to get to Khao Yai

You would be glad to know that Khao Yai is only 3 hours away from Bangkok by road. While you can take a bus to get there, we decided to book a car rental through Klook. You can book a custom tour for a larger group through them as well. The service overall was good but we struggled a bit with communicating with the driver in english.

To get inside the actual park, you need to pay an entrance fee of THB 400 (THB 200 for children) and then are free to drive around. You even rent cycles or go for one of the several hiking trails.

What to do at Khao Yai

One highlight of the trip was our stay, which was a glamping experience in a setting surrounded by limestone rock formations, a small pond, plenty of green, a small pond, a restaurant and an open air pool. The tents were well equipped and even had air conditioning which was a respite in the weather which tends to get humid and hot.

The other highlight was the full day that we spent inside the National Park. It was beautiful and green. And you could breath-in lung-fuls of fresh air and take in all kinds of sounds, sights and smells. Khao Yai made us realise we had missed being with nature and urged us to try to plan more nature and wildlife travels in the near future.

Besides the park itself, we were quite surprised to find vineyards in the region. We stopped at one called PB Valley which even had a restaurant serving wood fired pizzas. We recommend this place for a leisurely lunch!

There are also children friendly activities such as feeding animals and farm visits. And we enjoyed some of these ourselves.

To get a better idea of this place, watch our travel vlog. If you enjoyed it, subscribe to our YouTube channel here! 🙂



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Plastic pollution is real, we see it everywhere yet a lot of us don’t do anything about it. A lot of us then question – what can I do about it? The simple answer to that is – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

While travelling, we realised we were buying bottled water all the time. Moreover, you see these plastic bottles everywhere across several destination carelessly strewn across beaches, mountains, streams and cities. No part of our planet is spared of this plastic menace.

We decided to do something about it, to do our part and be more responsible towards our planet and everything in it, including us humans as a species.

The next time we travelled, we brought along a plastic pet bottle that we had purchased from IKEA Singapore for 90 cents. Till the time we reached the gates at the airport we had consumed the content. Instead of throwing it away, we saved it. During the length of our trip we filled it with tap water and brought it along whenever we stepped out. In fact, we still had the same bottle while flying back home. This first happened on our trip to UK. By following something as simple, we had avoided buying at least 10 new bottles of water and even saved some moolah. Bottled water is pricey in London and if we remember correctly, the price ranged from 4-8 pounds. That’s insane! Why would you spend that when tap water is absolutely safe to drink.


Bottle feeling one with the snow laden mountains. Hakuba, Japan

On subsequent travels, we followed the same practice and brought along the very same bottle. Overtime we grew attached to that very pet bottle who by now, had become our travel buddy. We named her ‘bottle’ 😀

Bottle has had amazing adventures and travelled far and wide with us. Along with UK, she has been to New Zealand, South Africa and more recently to Japan. We post about her travels with #PetBottleTales on Instagram.


Bottle paying her respects at the Fushimi Inari shrine. Kyoto, Japan #PetBottleTales

Bottle plans to join us on many more adventures and do her part in saving planet Earth.


Bottle enjoying the pretty views at Lake Ashi, getting a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in the distance. Hakone, Japan #PetBottleTales

See this fantastic video by The Story of Stuff Project and you will understand why you need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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First Time in Japan – Travel Itinerary


Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

There is a lot to do in Japan and planning your very first trip could seem daunting. For our own maiden trip to Japan, our initial thoughts were to cover Tokyo and nearby cities and then fly to Hokkaido and spend a few days there. Later though, we decided that for a 11 days trip it will be a lot of running around so we changed our plans and decided to soak in the places at a slower, more relaxed pace. Here is what we covered overall.

  • Tokyo (Day 1-4) – Explore this sprawling metropolis
  • Hakuba (Day 5-6) – Relax and enjoy some peace, quiet and natural beauty at this little ski village. We took our very first ski lessons ever 🙂
  • Hakone (Day 7-8) – Enjoy the slow pace in this small town and take a day tour to enjoy beautiful landscapes
  • Kyoto (Day 9-11) – Soak in the historic side of Japan in this former capital

Here is some useful information, before you start planning your own trips.

Getting to Japan – Wherever you are in the world, chances are that you will land in Tokyo most likely. There are two airports you can fly into – Narita and Haneda. Haneda is closer to the city and to get to the city you can take buses. Narita is further away and best option is to take the Narita Express that runs every 30 mins


A boat cruise on Lake Ashi, Hakone, Japan

Getting around in Japan – Public transport is great and very efficient so just get subway passes in places like Tokyo and Kyoto. For intercity travel on the Shinkansen (bullet trains) invest in the Japan Rail Pass. Do note that the JR pass also works on certain lines in the city subways, so check before you plan your day. Make sure to collect your JR passes at the airport. We purchased the passes online and collected the passes at Narita.

To get to Hakuba, we boarded the Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Nagano. And from Nagano took a one hour bus ride to Hakuba. From Nagano to Hakone, we took the Shinkansen again first to Tokyo and from there to Hakone. From Hakone to Kyoto was another Shinkansen ride. And then to fly out, Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo and then from Tokyo station to Narita by Narita Express. It may seem like a lot but the journeys are quite seamless and convenient in Japan

Understanding the Shinkansen? Read this very helpful guide, link here.

When to visit – We visited in late winter as it’s the non-peak season. It was a welcome change for us and we enjoyed the winter days. Cherry Blossom is obviously the peak tourist season but that also means loads of crowds, high prices and advance bookings for everything. The other popular season to visit is autumn. With the changing hues, the landscapes look beautiful


Beautiful day in Hakuba, Japan

Where to stay – We stayed in Airbnbs in Tokyo and Kyoto which were cozy, clean and pocket friendly. In Hakuba and Hakone, we stayed in hostels. K’s House in Hakone was a great hostel stay where we slept on tatamis. And almost everywhere, you get the heated toilet seats which were so awesome in the winters! 😀

Get SGD $45 off (approx. USD $35) on your very first Airbnb stay using this link, click here.

Other things to note – As taxis are quite pricey you will be hauling your luggage quite a bit. So try to travel light. Other thing would be to download a translation app as english doesn’t take you too far. Labels in supermarkets and shops are often in Japanese

For things to do in each of these places, jump to our travel vlogs. Subscribe to Travel Keede on YouTube if you enjoyed them 🙂

  1. Things to do in Tokyovlog link
  2. Winter Wonderland in Hakubavlog link
  3. One day in Hakonevlog link
  4. Things to do in Kyotovlog link

Fushimi Inari Shirine, Kyoto, Japan

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Japan first impressions

Blossoms in Tokyo, Japan

There is the rest of the world and then there is Japan. More than the man-made structures and nature’s beauty, we were struck by the culture in this unique nation.

People are considerate and polite even during the mad rush. The entire country (not just one city) is squeaky clean even though there are hardly any dustbins in public spaces. There are designated areas for smoking and people actually go there for a smoke instead of indiscriminately lighting up anywhere in a public zone. It’s so safe, children are encouraged to commute to school all by themselves. The houses are neat despite the space crunch.

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Their Shinkansen (bullet trains) never run late, ever. They play bird chirping sounds at train stations, just before the escalators to forewarn those who cannot see. You hear ‘Arigatou gozaimashita’ (thank you so much) about 1000 times a day. And the best part, their toilet seats warm up which was great because in Feb when we visited it was still winters 😀

Shinkansen, Tokyo station, Japan

Only if they could maintain better work-life balance, people will not die of over-work!

Other than that, their architecture and buildings suggest a minimalistic way of life. The architecture did not ‘wow’ us but then isn’t minimalism better than over the top, jewel studded structures which costed a fortune. Only to be plundered and looted by power hungry men? I guess there is a reason why you can equate optimisation and efficiency to this country.

More on our Japan trip soon. To keep you busy till then, watch our Japan Vlogs at the YouTube link below:

Travel Keede’s Japan Travel Vlogs

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The Year That Was – 2017


Sunset over Agra, first time ever witnessing such a beautiful sunset in our own backyard

We’re at work, winding things down and even though it’s the end of the year, things still feel a bit crazy. Last working day before the holidays is finally over and we start feeling just a tinge of excitement. Back home, last minute packing and cleaning up the house has been accomplished. Next day early morning at 5:00am,  we are off in a Grab taxi to Changi airport. After the usual drill of checking in, immigration and security, we warm up at the sight of a beautiful sunrise while waiting at the gate. We take off and a couple of movies and a hot indian breakfast later, the plane has landed.

Every year for the last 5 years we have celebrated new year in India. It has become a custom of sorts. Every year we look forward to experiencing north indian winters and welcoming the next 365 days surrounded by family. The days between Christmas and New Year are spent meeting friends and family, gorging over home made meals, sipping endless cups of adrak chai, mom’s tomato soup and shelling peas.

2017 was no different. While, it takes a couple of days to get used to India and its ways, by the end of the trip we know we’ll be homesick.


Mustard fields in bloom, a common sight during North Indian winters

What made this trip special? Well it was a lot of things, as it usually is. In the 10 days we were there, we managed :

  • 1 road trip – from Delhi – Agra – Delhi via the Yamuna Expressway
  • 5 family get togethers – 1 breakfast, 2 dinners, 1 evening tea and 1 BBQ on NYE. And oh the home made food was just so comforting. And there is just something special about BBQ-ing in winters that you’ll never experience in tropical weather
  • 2 friends get togethers – both on roop top terrace cafes. Winters and open air cafes? Add to the list of winter experiences we look forward to
  • 1 indian wedding – where we dressed up, clicked more than necessary amount of photographs, enjoyed the indian wedding scenes and needless to say – the food
  • 1 excursion to Wildlife SOS elephant sanctuary – an NGO which runs centers for rescued animals which you can visit, volunteer at and also make donations to. Check out their website here
  • Ate out on several occasions – from breaking the fast with Agra’s favourite breakfast, Bedhai Jalebi to enjoying South Indian food at Dasaprakash. From relishing north indian dhaba food to the popular indian street food … it was all a gastronomical adventure
  • Getting important stuff done – adult stuff like managing our finances and investment 😀

Foggy morning in Agra, -8 degrees centigrade

We’ve come to realise how fortunate we have been – for friends, family and their love in our lives. Every time we leave from our house in India, we feel overwhelmed by how loving and selfless so many people around us are especially, our parents. Beyond that, we have travelled. As much as our working lives allowed us to. And it has been great!

Here is a recap of the Year That Was – 2017. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the video

Happy Twenty Eighteen folks. Here’s wishing you the best of everything 🙂

Here is the Year That Was – 2016, just in case.


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Things to do in Singapore for Nature Lovers

botanic (2)

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is a bustling metropolis with high rises? Sure it is but it’s not just that. You’ll be amazed to know the flora and fauna you can find here. Singapore’s vision as a “Garden City” or “City in a Garden’ was established some four decades ago when the then PM Lee Kuan Yew initiated the greening programme. At the moment the whole thing is managed by NParks.

We discovered the many parks in Singapore one at a time and each time we were super surprised to realize that these places exist right in the middle of a busy city. Here is the list of all the parks but below are our picks.
1. Singapore Botanic Gardens – landscaped and spread out, the botanic gardens were recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. They have different sections and with different tree and plant species, a swan lake with of course swans and also ducks, turtles and many different types of birds and fish. This place is great for picnics and you can even order your own picnics baskets. Fruit baskets are a healthy way to picnic and maybe go for the gourmet options to indulge 🙂
botanic (1)

Vibrant Orchids at National Orchid Garden, Singapore

2. National Orchid Garden – within Botanic Gardens, we highly recommend the orchid gardens. The gardens house vibrant Orchids of many different kinds. There are even dedicated ones named after celebrities and public figures from all over the world. We had never seen so many orchids anywhere else before, from pinks, yellows, orange, creams to whites and purples. They were just so beautiful and we wanted to take them all home. Of course you can’t but if you are looking for some flower delivery options here is a complication – best flower delivery in Singapore.
3. MacRitchie Reservoir Park – we really enjoy the calm and peaceful walk by the reservoir but when we want some muscles moving we do the tree top walk. The tree top walk is something we prefer when we need a good exercise and work out an appetite. This hike takes you upto the suspension bride and then endless flights of stairs back down. Along the way you can spot many type of plants, birds and monkeys too! And don’t be surprised if you spot a monitor lizard!

Suspension bridge at MacRitchie Park

4. Gardens by the bay – again these are just too beautiful and our favourite spot is the supertree grove especially at night. When the Garden Rhapsody plays at night you feel like you are on the sets of the movie Avataar. It feels quite surreal and the OCBC walkway or just simply under the tree grove is where we’ve often seen guys proposing! It’s quite sweet really with the crowd cheering and congratulating the happy couple.
Gardensbythe bay

Surreal Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

5. Labrador Park – we love sea-facing parks! This park is suitable for walking, jogging, cycling, BBQ-ing and picnics. You can even explore the remnants of what used to be a British military battlement which we happened to come across by accident. And when the sun goes down, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

Battlement remnants at Labrador Park, Singapore

6. East Coast Park – lovely park with sea views. We especially enjoy renting cycles here and riding upto Bedok jetty, catching a few breaths there, cycling back and then unwinding at a sea facing restaurant. The park is also great for families to cycle, skate, picnic or BBQ together. There are several restaurants and even food courts so there is no lacking for F&B options.

Family friendly East Coast Park, Singapore

We hope this was useful, so folks get going, go green! 😀
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Best Road Trips – New Zealand, Scotland, India

In the more recent years of our adulthood, we have done quite a few road trips. But if we were to choose the most epic ones so far, there are three that come to mind. What’s amazing to realize is that the three were in three different parts of the world and completely different from one another! Here they are …

1. Road Tripping across New Zealand, South Island

NZ_DeejayPhone (117)

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand felt like Scotland on steroids mainly because of the sunny weather. It’s the most picturesque place on earth we’ve been to, ever! It’s true when people say you really have to concentrate to stay focused on the road because the landscapes are so breathtaking.

We covered multiple destinations, stayed in all types of accommodation ranging from hostels, airbnbs to a camping site in the middle of nowhere, cooked our own meals, gorged at restaurants and ate at food carts.

See our NZ road trip itinerary – click here and you can watch our vlog here.

2. Road trip from Leeds to the Scottish Highlands (Fort William, Isle of Skye)


Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands

The highlands felt like a dream, the clouds and mist around adding to the surrealism. The English countryside along the way, sheep farms, lochs and snow covered peaks so close to the beautiful road was a first for us.

The best part was staying in a camping pod at this campsite called Bunroy park at Fort William. Sleeping snug and warm in sleeping bags, trudging to the common bathroom in the cold and making breakfast at the camp turned out to be an amazing adventure. Whisky Distillery tour at Dalwhinnie, stop over at the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier for the most amazing mug of hot chocolate and stop over at the lookout at Laggan Dam were other highlights.

Read our post on the road trip, click here and see time-lapses captured from our action cam here.

3. Road trip from Mumbai to Agra via Udaipur & Ranthambore National Park, India


Jeep Safari at Ranthambore National Park

There was so much diversity to our experiences on this one. We started from Mumbai and first stop was Udaipur, a lovely lake city in the state of Rajasthan. Next was open jeep safaris chasing Bengal tigers at Ranthambore and final stop was Agra, a historic town and the world renowned Taj Mahal.

Read more about this trip at these posts – Part 1 and Part 2.

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