Breathtaking Vista atop KL Tower (Menara KL)

Daylight View from KLT
We wanted to visit the sky bridge at Petronas Twin Towers on our visit to KL. When we checked online for bookings everything was sold out for the next two days. We tried our luck twice at the concourse but no luck there either.
Driving around in KL, we couldn’t help but notice the KL Tower (Menara KL) and wondered if it was open to public. On researching further, we discovered that it was – in fact it housed an open air deck, a closed observation area, a revolving restaurant, XD theatre, F1 simulator and several other small shops and attractions for tourists. We also learned that it’s the highest viewpoint in KL open to public.
Although slightly pricey (RM 99), we decided to go for the open air deck and we are glad we did. It was totally worth it! The view from above was breathtaking!
Sunset from KLT
We had reached at around 6:30 pm and stayed on till 8:00pm and so got to see the KL skyline both before and after sunset. It was such a pretty sight esp. the night vision with all the lights twinkling and shining down below us.
City view from KLT
How Petronas look like at night
I now feel that Petronas are probably over hyped! I guess it’s okay if you don’t get to go on the skybridge because it not even the highest floor besides being closed and covered. Besides, when you want to look at the skyline you want Petronas to be in there. KL Tower, maybe not so much. But you do want to be atop it 🙂

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