Langkawi Cable Car aka SkyCab

Despite knowing the SkyBridge was shut due to maintenance work, we still decided to go for the cable car ride at Langkawi and we weren’t disappointed! See reviews.

We were staying in the Pantai Cenang area and it’s a pleasant taxi ride to the cable car station with views of the open fields and the sea. The cable car aka SkyCab is located at the foothill of Machincang mountain and takes one to the top of the mountain through an impressive 2.2 km cable ride. See operating hours and ticketing here. I won’t suggest paying extra for the express ticket unless you are in a hurry.

The ride has two stops where visitors can enjoy the panorama. As far as possible, choose a clear sky day to take full advantage. It took us about 3 hours for the whole outing. Overall, it was a fun and relaxed to-do at Langkawi.

Here are a few lovely captures to give you a feel of the place:

At the base of Machincang mountain


Riding into the clouds

Steep for a cable car!

Lovely view from the top

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