Island Hopping on Jetskis – Langkawi

JetSki Island Hopping_LangkawiGenerally, when I travel, I try to do something different as much as possible. And the trip to Langkawi was no different. We decided to go for an Island Hopping Jetski trip. This is something which I’d never come across at any of the beach destinations in south east asia and it sounded fun. Basically, instead of the usual island hopping where you ride on a motor boat; on this one you go on self-driven jetski along with a guide.

It was 3.5 hours trip, with stops at 3 different tiny islands, close to the main island. Though the islands halts didn’t offer much, I really enjoyed driving around on the jetskis. After a while, when we were comfortable in handling them, the guide urged us to speed up and it was quite a thrill. At places, there were some rock formations that cropped up in the water while limestone caves loomed up elsewhere making the landscape really picturesque. Read my Tripadvisor review here.

Although, at the end of the day, we were badly tanned and physically spent, we thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. Would recommend it to all the gutsy folks out there.

Here are a couple of spectacular captures:

IMG_1219 IMG_1118

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