Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie’s


So pretty! Isn’t it?

One of these weekends we headed out again to explore more! This time we decided to go for a longer more challenging walk compared to ones in the past few weeks in Singapore. We decided to trek at MacRitchie’s. Reading further on the internet we learned there are several trails here ranging from 3km to 11km. We headed out for a 8km trek starting at Venus car park, leading up to a suspension bridge and an endless flight of stairs and a board walk on the other side of the bridge.


IMAG0061 IMAG0065

This trail is much harder with paths of mud and pebbels and undulating at intervals. Certain patches have thick foliage allowing very little sunlight. Even then I would suggest choosing a good weather day for this activity.

For those who enjoy nature walks this one is excellent right in the middle of metropolis Singapore!

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