Pulau Ubin, Singapore

PulauUbin_Jul2014 (55)


One of these weekends was an extended one and we thought of putting that to good use. Since we are saving up for something, we decided to stay back in Singapore itself but visit somewhere we hadn’t before. And, so we decided to give Pulau Ubin a try. It’s one of the tiny islands around s’pore just a few mins ride from the mainland, on a bumboat. Ubin Island, as they say, is the last ‘kampung’ (village) in s’pore. The place is representative of s’pore in the 1960s.

We caught the bumboat from Changi ferry terminal. A two way ride will cost just S$ 2.5 and takes about 10 mins or so. At Ubin, we rented bicycles for as low as S$ 10 for the whole day. They are not in the best condition though. We noticed people carry their own cycles on bumboats as well.Pictures

We pedaled around for a bit. Some paths have smooth roads while elsewhere its quite strenuous, where we had to get down to push the cycles along. If you are not comfortable riding a bike, don’t do this! There are several hidden points one can explore.


And thankfully, the day was partly cloudy with a light breeze (even then we were soaked, as is the case in s’pore). There are also couple of food shacks selling mostly local seafood and drinks but we didn’t give that a try.

In terms of natural beauty, this place is not spectacular but if you go with a nonchalant explorer’s attitude, you’re less likely to be disappointed.

PulauUbin_Jul2014 (50)

Coming back to shore …

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