A Mossy Forest and A Misty Mountain


Mist all around, outside our hotel

Last week I was in Cameron Highlights, Malaysia. The first thing which I loved about the place was the weather – it was so cool and breezy, with a morning mist floating around; a much needed respite from the sun in most south-east-asian destinations.

The day after arrival, we booked a half day tour with CS travels which took us to the highest peak in CH, called Gunung Brinchang, 6600 ft. above sea level. While most of the view was blocked due to mist, we did manage to see a few glimpses. Besides, the weather up there was all the more amazing. The drive up to the place was quite nice as well with pretty views. It’s one of the few highest points one can drive upto.

Watch Tower at G. Brinchang constructed by the British


DSC_1741 DSC_1760



One of the views from the watch tower

A few meters from the highest point is the Mossy Forest and our guide took us inside for a short trek, just to get a feel of the forest. It was my first visit to a moss covered forest and I liked the feel of the place and even learned some facts about it. Our guide informed us that the cool weather conditions are conducive for moss growth and  therefore the mossy forest, the moss makes the ground spongy unlike a normal forest. We saw and smelled certain plants/leaves, eucalyptus and another one used in balms etc. which makes the forest totally devoid of mosquitoes.  The plants take-in water from the mist and that’s why the roots grow all over rather than just under the ground towards the water source.


Way to Mossy Forest

DSC_1779 DSC_1767

2 thoughts on “A Mossy Forest and A Misty Mountain

  1. I love Malaysia – and the Cameron Highlands are, as you say, a relief from the tropical heat of much of the county. And great pics – thanks for reminding me how wonderful it is!

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