Zipping Around in Ubud, Bali


Recently we traveled to Bali and it was one of the most relaxing holidays we’ve had. This was actually my second visit. While last time we were mostly in Kuta, this time we decided to explore Ubud and thank god we did!

Unlike Kuta, the place is less crowded. Weather is much nicer in the mornings and evenings through the night. Ubud is becoming touristy but compared to Kuta much less so at this point.

The thing I really enjoyed was driving around on a two wheeler we had rented out. It’s really simple to rent a vehicle there. Unlike Kuta, where its a bit of a nightmare to drive in the crazy traffic, in Ubud it was a pleasure! More so, since we were staying away from central Ubud and got to drive along the rice paddies and hills. Once we stopped at this cafe called ‘padi organic’ in the middle of a rice paddy field. It was just so nice to sit there and cool off over some snacks and coffee. That’s the thing with your own vehicle. You can stop wherever and whenever you want! Town driving wasn’t too bad either.

Here is a video of some of our zipping around 😀

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