Paragliding at Timbis, Bali

As you float off the cliff at Timbis

As you float off the cliff at Timbis

My first paragliding experience! yay 😀

I did tandem paragliding recently in Timbis, Bali. If you book a tour (approx. USD 95) it will include hotel pick-up and drop from certain areas, which was a good deal in my opinion. The site is actually on a cliff and basically you run off the cliff and float in the air. The landing is back on the cliff and not the beach down below.

Its was a great first time experience with nice views of the sea/beach, sea-weed farming and beach houses and all the activity going on down below. But, I understand for people who have done this before, it might not be the best experience you can get.

24 (1)

You can carry your own camera or cell phone for shooting videos. Just ensure its secured properly to avoid dropping your device. Tandem is totally safe and when you become at ease after a few minutes, I’m sure you would want to take pictures! Your pilot can also shoot videos/photos for you at an additional USD 25.

That’s one more tick on my bucket list! Looking forward to more adventures in store … 🙂

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4 Responses to Paragliding at Timbis, Bali

  1. mihrank says:

    amazing images and great presentation!

  2. Bikramjit says:

    excellent.. I use to have ncc when I was in india air wing so I got the oppurtunity to do a lot of things like flying-gliding and para gliding tooo but I still want to do moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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