Euro Trip Itinerary #2 – 2 days in Marvellous Paris


Paris skyline from Notre-Dame towers

After Barcelona, we were headed to Paris by TGV high speed rail. The train left at 6:00pm and reached Paris, Gare de Lyon station at 12:00am. We knew we’ll reach late so we had booked the hotel very close to the station and took a taxi to get there. We stayed at a cozy little place called Hotel du Prince Eugene. This was also conveniently located close to the Metro station called Nationale.

2 days in Paris, France

Day 1 – Left for Louvre museum after breakfast. We hadn’t booked in advance as we had read that you need stand in queue for security check anyway and it was true. We got there around 9:30am and had to stand in queue for about 45 mins and considered ourselves lucky. Once inside, getting the tickets was a breeze. We are not big art lovers so did not spend a lot of time here. Overall, it was a good half day visit.

Headed out to Champs-Elysees to roam around. We did visit some stores for shopping but I’d say the Spanish brands are more affordable unless you are specifically looking for big brands. Had a nice a nice coffee and dessert at this café called George V there.

It was quite cold in Paris so went back to the hotel to relax for a bit. In the evening we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night and oh it was so pretty. We deliberately timed ourselves so that we reach close to the change of an hour as they give special light effects at the change of each hour in the evening.

Then had an excellent dinner close to where we were staying at this Lebanese restaurant called Fakra with some good wine. Got a bit tipsy and then half walked half ran, giggled like teenagers and couldn’t be more happy that we were in Paris! It was a great evening in the city of looove ❤

Day 2 – morning around 9:30am, we made our way to Notre-Dame cathedral. Caught beautiful sights of the river Seine while walking from Metro station to the cathedral. Once there, we had to wait in queue for about 45 mins again to get inside the towers. Here again, it won’t help if you have tickets in advance. The wait and the climb to the top were tiresome but the views from top were worth it (see picture above?). Once back down we went into the main building where there was only a 10 min queue and no entry fee is charged.

For lunch, we went to this vegetarian restaurant called Le Grenier de Notre Dame. It was a very good meal but quite pricey for a budget travel. Anyway, I guess it was okay to indulge a bit.

Headed out to Eiffel Tower now as we wanted to see it in the day. If you want to get to the top, it best to book in advance. We hadn’t done so but decided to try our luck. Thanks to the cold that day, we had to queue only for 10 mins or so … now that’s rare! Anyway, I would say this is a must-do! We had not intended to go to the top but decided on the spot when we realized how amazing it would be up there. The views were breathtaking, both from the top and then at the lower level as well. By the time we got back down, it was already late evening.


One of the views from Eiffel Tower top

Day 3 – we really loved the cafes in Paris. And there are so many of them! This day, we had a hearty breakfast at this café right next to the hotel called Voltaire. They had the nicest croissants and even the butter and marmalade were delicious! Satiated, we walked back to check out and finally took the Metro to Charles de Gaulle airport.

Next up in the journey … Venice!

Map with the places visited pinned. Also includes a couple of veg friendly options we tried.

2 thoughts on “Euro Trip Itinerary #2 – 2 days in Marvellous Paris

  1. Cool! Paris sounds so thrilling. However, I wouldn’t have the patience to stand in the queue to get a ticket to get inside a museum. I am more interested in experiencing the general vibe of Paris.

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Paris is wonderful, I’d love to go back there. And you are right, next time I won’t be visiting any more museums. There is lots more to do out there 🙂

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