Road Trippin with my favorite allies


Road Trip begins!

“Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It’s time to leave this town
It’s time to steal away …”

If you ask me about some of my epic road trips, this one will certainly qualify. You see every year I go back to India to visit friends and family and on every such occasion, I felt as if something was missing on these annual trips home. This year, I decided to add some spice to the days we spend in India and so emerged the idea of a 1,300km road trip from Mumbai to Agra!

More people gave a thumbs-up to the plan and we were a group of 4 people journeying together. The first day, we started from Mumbai early morning and arrived at Vadodara around 1 pm where we stopped for lunch. As has been my tradition for the last three years, I make it a point to catch-up with some friends/ex-work colleagues in this city (which is very dear to me). We stopped at this nice place right on the highway and caught up on things over some delicious dhaba (roadside restaurant) food.

Recharged, we were now headed for our destination for the day – Udaipur! On and on we drove and finally reached around 8 pm cruising a good 750km in a single day. Phew! Our longest run in the entire journey. Thankfully, the roads are quite good and so we made good time. I would suggest through to start from Mumbai as early as possible, say around 4:30am to avoid truck traffic which starts around 6am.

Terrace overlooking Lake Pichola

From the terrace at night

Our stay here was in the old town of the city with a beautiful lake view from the terrace. As it was December, it was nice and chilly on the terrace. And with the city lights casting a nice glow, it all created a charming ambiance for our dinner. With some nice music wafting from one of our mobile phones we pounced on the steaming hot manchurian and flipped opened the drinks. The party had begun! 😉

An enjoyable evening and good night’s rest later, we were ready to go sight seeing the next morning. But not before a relaxed breakfast on the terrace again 🙂

View of the Lake Pichola from the terrace

View of the Lake Pichola from the terrace

Turned out, Udaipur is a lovely place. Especially, the City Palace which is really grand, breathtaking and well maintained. We spent a good amount of time here and later roamed around the lanes purchasing souvenirs and trinkets.

City Palace, Udaipur

City Palace, Udaipur

Spent from the touring around and already behind our schedule, we packed up and bade goodbye to the place wishing we could have stayed longer.

Of course the journey was embellished with dhaba food, inevitable and refreshing chai breaks, upbeat bollywood music with some Coldplay, OneDirection and Hotline Bling thrown in and random conversations. 🙂

Chai break!

Chai break! ❤

So far the road trip had turned out to be excellent but it wasn’t over yet. More on it, in the next post!

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