Fireworks, in the end


Sydney Skyline

I’m back here to share more Sydney adventures from earlier this September.

On our third day in Sydney, we split into two groups – those who went Skydiving and those who went Hot Air Ballooning. I went with the latter but I should share a couple of things from the skydive group as well. One, the skydive at Wollongong is the best. It’s the only skydive site with beach views around Sydney and my friends were quite thrilled with the whole thing. Second, it was worth taking the photos+videos package. The insurance not so much but go for it if it gives you peace of mind.


Hot Air Ballooning at Huckesbury

Now let’s talk about Hot Air Ballooning. We had to choose the Huckesbury site due to lack of enough time in Sydney. We still went ahead as we wanted to experience the same this being our first time ever on a balloon. Having done a skydive before I can tell you that ballooning is quite the contrast. It’s relaxed and mellow suitable for the non-adrenaline-junkies who’d still like to enjoy views from up above. We quite enjoyed it, no butterflies in the stomach, calming, peaceful and totally worth it. Of course it would have been better if the views are awesome. At Huckesbury they were pretty decent but not extraordinary.


Farm view from the balloon, Huckesbury

The next adventure was the Whale Watching tour early the next day. I can tell you that the cruise itself was pretty amazing as the boat takes you awayyyy from the city till you can see no land. The water is deep blue as far as the eyes can see. On the matter of spotting whales, we weren’t so fortunate.Well we did technically but from quite a distance when it blew some water out and splashed its tail on the water surface. The tour operator did offer a free ride on the next cruise as stated in their T&Cs if whales were not spotted on a particular tour.


As the boat sped away from Sydney city


Di you spot the whale tail?

Next we headed to the weekend markets at The Rocks. It was pretty great! All kinds of stalls selling handmade unique souvenirs, jams and jellies, chocolates and things like that. Several live food counters were selling amazing grub as well. The most memorable for me were the japanese pancakes and boiled sweet corns seasoned with spices and lime.

The evening was at Darling Harbour. Some drinks and sheesha at a middle eastern restaurant overlooking the harbour followed by fireworks! The most befitting conclusion to a really wonderful trip.


Fireworks at Darling Harbour

Did I mention the ‘best breakfast in my life’ we had at Bill’s? Well if you do get a chance, do yourself a favour and go eat there. Your taste buds will be so grateful πŸ™‚

PS: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year people ❀

And the map to help you with the planning. Also pinned are some vegetarian friendly eateries we can recommend πŸ™‚

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