Things to do in Singapore for Nature Lovers

botanic (2)

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is a bustling metropolis with high rises? Sure it is but it’s not just that. You’ll be amazed to know the flora and fauna you can find here. Singapore’s vision as a “Garden City” or “City in a Garden’ was established some four decades ago when the then PM Lee Kuan Yew initiated the greening programme. At the moment the whole thing is managed by NParks.

We discovered the many parks in Singapore one at a time and each time we were super surprised to realize that these places exist right in the middle of a busy city. Here is the list of all the parks but below are our picks.
1. Singapore Botanic Gardens – landscaped and spread out, the botanic gardens were recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. They have different sections and with different tree and plant species, a swan lake with of course swans and also ducks, turtles and many different types of birds and fish. This place is great for picnics and you can even order your own picnics baskets. Fruit baskets are a healthy way to picnic and maybe go for the gourmet options to indulge 🙂
botanic (1)

Vibrant Orchids at National Orchid Garden, Singapore

2. National Orchid Garden – within Botanic Gardens, we highly recommend the orchid gardens. The gardens house vibrant Orchids of many different kinds. There are even dedicated ones named after celebrities and public figures from all over the world. We had never seen so many orchids anywhere else before, from pinks, yellows, orange, creams to whites and purples. They were just so beautiful and we wanted to take them all home. Of course you can’t but if you are looking for some flower delivery options here is a complication – best flower delivery in Singapore.
3. MacRitchie Reservoir Park – we really enjoy the calm and peaceful walk by the reservoir but when we want some muscles moving we do the tree top walk. The tree top walk is something we prefer when we need a good exercise and work out an appetite. This hike takes you upto the suspension bride and then endless flights of stairs back down. Along the way you can spot many type of plants, birds and monkeys too! And don’t be surprised if you spot a monitor lizard!

Suspension bridge at MacRitchie Park

4. Gardens by the bay – again these are just too beautiful and our favourite spot is the supertree grove especially at night. When the Garden Rhapsody plays at night you feel like you are on the sets of the movie Avataar. It feels quite surreal and the OCBC walkway or just simply under the tree grove is where we’ve often seen guys proposing! It’s quite sweet really with the crowd cheering and congratulating the happy couple.
Gardensbythe bay

Surreal Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

5. Labrador Park – we love sea-facing parks! This park is suitable for walking, jogging, cycling, BBQ-ing and picnics. You can even explore the remnants of what used to be a British military battlement which we happened to come across by accident. And when the sun goes down, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

Battlement remnants at Labrador Park, Singapore

6. East Coast Park – lovely park with sea views. We especially enjoy renting cycles here and riding upto Bedok jetty, catching a few breaths there, cycling back and then unwinding at a sea facing restaurant. The park is also great for families to cycle, skate, picnic or BBQ together. There are several restaurants and even food courts so there is no lacking for F&B options.

Family friendly East Coast Park, Singapore

We hope this was useful, so folks get going, go green! 😀

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