Butterflies in the Stomach – New Zealand Adventure Sports

It’s for a reason that New Zealand (Queenstown) is known as the adventure capital of the world!

Check out our adventure trail from our visit earlier this March.


Kawarau Bungy

Kawarau Bridge Bungy with AJ Hackett – this is where commercial bungy first started anywhere in the world. The site is a short drive away from Queenstown and is really beautiful with the river flowing down below. Some people jumped off the bridge like it was no biggie but for us this was a real challenge and having done it, we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves 😀

It costs NZ$ 195 per person. Photos and videos cost extra if you decide to purchase them. Tandem bungy is also an option in case you don’t want to jump alone. Action cameras are allowed while jumping. Advisable to book in advance to avoid waiting. Link to website

Our Bungy jump videos here: Bungy Sakshi, Bungy Deejay


Kawarau Bungy

Ziplining at Kawarau with AJ Hacket – having done the bungy, this will feel like a piece of cake. It’s still a lot fun especially the ‘superman’ position to go down the line. The panaroma just took our breath away. How was the water so blue?

This cost us only NZ$ 5 with a bungy jump combo promotion.


Ziplining at Kawarau

Shotover Jet Boat Ride – this was a lot of fun and not scary at all. Again a short drive away from the city centre and again a very picturesque location. A must do for all age groups.

Cost is NZ$ 145 per person. Photos/Video additional. Only GoPro cameras allowed on board. Link to website.

ShotoverJet (3)

Shotover Jet, Queenstown

Heli Hike at Fox Glacier – we had booked a Heli Hike at Franz Josef but that got cancelled twice due to the weather. So we had to settle for a scenic helicopter ride to and back from top of Fox glacier. It was such a thrill to be on a helicopter for the very first time and it felt like being on the sets of Jurassic Park and Avatar combined. If you get an opportunity to do a heli hike, please go for it!

Full cost of a heli hike at Franz Josef is NZ$ 500 which includes hot pools. Helicopter only prices vary. It’s perfectly okay to bring along cameras.

Franz Josef heli hike prices. Fox glacier scenic flight we took, click here.


Helicopter ride to Fox Glacier


On top of Fox Glacier

And there is so much more to do. Other recommendations were Skydiving, Luge, Paragliding, Handgliding, Hot Air Ballooning and Nevis Swing/Bungy.

We were quite thrilled with all the activities we bundled up during our time there, especially the Bungyyyyyyyy … 😀

So, have you decided to take the plunge yet? 😉

Celebrating my first Freefall Skydive

Finally! I did it! 😀

This was one of the biggest items on my bucket list and when I recently got the chance to visit Sydney, I “jumped” at the opportunity. I chose to go for a tandem freefall skydive with Sydney Skydivers. AU allows 14,000 ft as the max altitude which allows upto 60 secs of free fall.

Nothing beats the adrenalin rush you get with this extreme adventure sport! Its thrilling, exciting and scary all at the same time! At least for first timers.

Here is a great picture that captures the emotions 🙂


And guess what? I want to do this again! Can’t wait 😀

Paragliding at Timbis, Bali

As you float off the cliff at Timbis

As you float off the cliff at Timbis

My first paragliding experience! yay 😀

I did tandem paragliding recently in Timbis, Bali. If you book a tour (approx. USD 95) it will include hotel pick-up and drop from certain areas, which was a good deal in my opinion. The site is actually on a cliff and basically you run off the cliff and float in the air. The landing is back on the cliff and not the beach down below.

Its was a great first time experience with nice views of the sea/beach, sea-weed farming and beach houses and all the activity going on down below. But, I understand for people who have done this before, it might not be the best experience you can get.

24 (1)

You can carry your own camera or cell phone for shooting videos. Just ensure its secured properly to avoid dropping your device. Tandem is totally safe and when you become at ease after a few minutes, I’m sure you would want to take pictures! Your pilot can also shoot videos/photos for you at an additional USD 25.

That’s one more tick on my bucket list! Looking forward to more adventures in store … 🙂

Island Hopping on Jetskis – Langkawi

JetSki Island Hopping_LangkawiGenerally, when I travel, I try to do something different as much as possible. And the trip to Langkawi was no different. We decided to go for an Island Hopping Jetski trip. This is something which I’d never come across at any of the beach destinations in south east asia and it sounded fun. Basically, instead of the usual island hopping where you ride on a motor boat; on this one you go on self-driven jetski along with a guide.

It was 3.5 hours trip, with stops at 3 different tiny islands, close to the main island. Though the islands halts didn’t offer much, I really enjoyed driving around on the jetskis. After a while, when we were comfortable in handling them, the guide urged us to speed up and it was quite a thrill. At places, there were some rock formations that cropped up in the water while limestone caves loomed up elsewhere making the landscape really picturesque. Read my Tripadvisor review here.

Although, at the end of the day, we were badly tanned and physically spent, we thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. Would recommend it to all the gutsy folks out there.

Here are a couple of spectacular captures:

IMG_1219 IMG_1118

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