Vegetarian in Vietnam

Hanoi (16)

Vegetarian street food, Hanoi, Vietnam

Check out this post by ‘Mouthfuls from Jhakal’ for Vegetarian options in Hanoi!

Mouthfuls from Jhakal

Being vegetarian did not stop us from trying out the local flavours in my recent trip to Vietnam earlier this May. I think if you research enough, you’ll always find good veggie options anywhere in the world.

Here are some of the veg. friendly places I tried in Hanoi.

1.Banh Mi 25

Hanoi (70) Banh Mi 25, Hanoi

Had amazing baguette sandwiches here. Baguette sandwiches seem to be the legacy of the French rule here and the Vietnamese seem to have localized it. Yet they have done this successfully with the bread kept fresh and soft with great flavours in the fillings.

Hanoi (68) Baguette Sandwiches at Banh Mi 25, Hanoi

2.Aubergine Cafe

Hanoi (41) Aubergine Cafe, Hanoi

I had wanted to try Pho since I landed in Vietnam and this cafe seemed to be a good place to try. Pho is the traditional noodle soup and this place did not disappoint, especially after adding the…

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Vegetarian food guide for Singapore

Wondering where to find food if you are a vegetarian visiting Singapore? Read this post on Mouthfuls from Jhakal to know more.


At Jamie’s Italian

It’s baffling when people say they cannot find vegetarian in Singapore. Agreed that there are less vegetarian options but that’s true for any place outside of India. Besides, Singapore has such a large Indian population with a ‘Little India’ in its midst and so many Indian restaurants spread across the island that if nothing else […]

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Street Food Diaries: London


Street Food, Camden Lock, London

Being vegetarian should not stop you from enjoying street food in London. Read on the entire post at Mouthfuls from Jhakal to know more 🙂

Did you know you can enjoy amazing street food in London even if you are vegetarian? You can, For real! I was amazed at the variety we discovered and it’s about time I share it here. The two primary locations where you can eat to your heart’s content are Borough Market and Camden Lock. Borough […]

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How to manage food in NZ (for Vegetarians)

Here’s an account of how we managed food while on our NZ trip. More on Deejay’s alter ego ‘Mouthfuls from Jhakal’ 🙂

You probably already know, NZ is an expensive place. Eating out all meals outside will leave a hole in your pocket. Even the stuff on food trucks is not super cheap. Besides, being a vegetarian further complicates things, correct? Actually, it’s not that difficult. Let me share how we managed it on our recent trip […]

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Back in time

Sunset at Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai

Sunset at Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai

Happy 2015 everyone! Wishing you all the most awesome time of your lives as the year unfolds …

My first post of the year … here goes …

India will remain India! There maybe positive changes taking place backstage but daily existence is still frustrating no matter which part you live in. I desperately want things to change, people to change, certain systems to change as many of us do. I see people coming forward and trying to make a difference and I do hope certain movements are sustained till we see a remarkable difference. On the brighter side, there are quite a few positives here – travel, food, weddings, an open and accommodating culture to a large extent. These are all great but normality is still a struggle!  Such were my feelings when I visited India recently.


Exit terminal at the new Mumbai airport

I first landed in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and was elated by the new airport but that was only short lived. I think the authorities gave too much importance to the aesthetics at the cost of planning and efficiency. While immigration was smooth, the rest of the process was just plain tedious! We easily spent 1 hour+ just to get out of the airport. Or maybe it was the holiday season or the fact that an A380 had landed, adding to the chaos. It remains to be seen when we travel next time if things have gone worse or better. Mumbai was good fun otherwise besides the nasty traffic snarls!

We visited bandra bandstand, a rocky shore where you can catch a good sunset and grab a coffee. We meant to go to the fort but it was unfortunately closed that day.


A typical bombay sandwich

We gorged on all the food we could in the 4 days we had. It was an enormous joy to have all this Indian food we were craving! God bless all the people who fed us … really, it was all worth it even at the cost of an upset belly.

My next pit stop was Vadodara, a small but progressing city in Gujrat. I have developed an affinity to the place since I lived and worked here. Some of my best times have been in this city with some great buddies, some of whom still live there. I try to stop by and catch up with them whenever possible. As soon as I got off the train , I remember telling them, “I want to have Indian Chinese cuz all you get in SG is Chinese Chinese.” And so we did and it was the closest I think I have ever gotten to a foodgasm. More than that though, it was wonderful catching up with them and also going to the roadside tea vendor and having the ginger chai (adrak wali chai) ❤

I honestly felt like going back in time and reliving my days there … sigh! Where did the time fly … really?Where? It’s like ‘poof’! It was a hard to describe feeling. It was feeling nostalgic even though you were right at the place and with the people you were nostalgic about. You know what I mean? From Singapore to India, I had travelled back in time. And I don’t mean the 2.5 hours time difference.

The journey continues … more on it in the next post. Just some stuff about Indian train journeys, Indian weddings, clothes and more food …

Eating out Organic @Ubud, Bali

Ubud might just be the place place to both rejuvenate and detox your body. Read on for more … full post @ Mouthfuls from Jhakal

Mouthfuls from Jhakal

My recent trip to Ubud, Bali was just awesome! What made it all the more interesting were all the great cafes we visited.

Although Ubud is supposed to be a village but growing tourism has led to mushrooming of a great number of eateries, cafes and drinking holes. And there are a lot many serving organic food and/or vegetarian/vegan super healthy food and drinks. I treated this as a wonderful opportunity to detoxify and tank up on nutrients, vitamins and all the healthy stuff I would normally not even think of having back home in SG.

Here are the places I tried and loved ALL of these:

Soma Cafe: really liked the whole set-up – wooden benches with comfy cushions, bare bricks walls, a tree in the middle and small fish pond. Tried the Wana Wrap and Shitake Mushroom Patty on Radish base + belly juice and immunity booster…

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Eating Out @ Cameron Highlands

Two amazing places for Indian food in CH! Looking at the pictures still makes my mouth water 😛 (see pictures in original post)

Mouthfuls from Jhakal

CH is a lovely place but it doesn’t offer a lot when it comes to food. On top of that, being vegetarian makes it a bit of a challenge to find food you’d enjoy. There were several steam-boat restaurants all over the place but I didn’t try any.

I was still able to discover some good places and enjoyed hot, freshly cooked food at a couple of great eating joints. The cool weather made the meals even better 🙂 . The Tanah Rata market provides some choices and several tourists throng the area for food. Here are two great places I’d suggest:

Singh Chapati – this is a very simple setup run by a couple. They serve extremely tasty and wholesome indian food. It’s cooked with less oil and just the right amount of spices. We went here twice and loved both meals! The service is not flawless but hey…

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