Things to do in Phuket, Thailand

Earlier this August was our second visit to Phuket, the beautiful island destination in Thailand. It was an incredible feeling to realize that Phuket was the first international destination travel keede visited together. Since then in 2012 to now in 2017, we have traveled to so many places together and been on such incredible journeys. When we revisited after 5 years it was almost like celebrating 5 years of wanderlust.

We thoroughly enjoyed Phuket on this second visit. Here are our suggested things to do on this wonderful island.

1. Explore the beaches – there is a beach for everyone in Phuket. From busy ones like to Patong to laid back ones like Paradise beach only a few minutes away from Patong, to a long sprawling one like Karon. Moreover, these beaches are lined with F&B joints across the road so that chilled beer or fresh coconut water is not far away

2. Sunsets ❤ – for sure you don’t want to miss the sunsets. We surely didn’t at Patong beach. We chose the area away from the hustle and bustle where a few shacks are set-up right on the beach. We selected one selling thai spring rolls and settled in with the finger food and drinks. You take your shoes off, dig your feet into the sand and enjoy the waves and if you are lucky … an incredible sunset 🙂

Sunst at Patong beach

3. Visit The Big Buddha – driving upto the Big Buddha takes you through some hills, valleys and lush greenery. On a good day, you will be able to catch beautiful views from above. The site is still under construction so there is not a lot to do there but the drive and views are what makes up for it

4. Beautiful temple architecture – there are several temples in Phuket, each one depicting the unique architectural style. If you have only time for one, stop by at The Wat Chalong. It’s only a few mins from Big Buddha and you can cover it on the same day you visit the site

Wat Chalong, Phuket

5. Bangla Walking Street – this is one of the most touristy things you can do here. However, we suggest to go at least once. The street is choc a bloc with drinking holes and place to have a quick bite. There is music blaring every few steps and locals are peddling all sorts of souvenirs and knick knacks. It’s an interesting vibe with an extremely generous dose of mental stimulation

6. Natural limestone karst formations at Phi Phi islands – a day cruise to Phi Phi is highly recommended. The limestone formations looming in the middle of the seas is a really pretty sight. There are all sorts of cruises that go there – from large ones to private ones on smaller boats. You can even choose to spend a day or more at the islands as well

Lastly, of course thai food! Being vegetarian did not deter us from our culinary explorations. More on it in a subsequent post.

How to commute, you ask? Well, if you are comfortable on a two-wheeler then rent your own scooter. It works out really cheap and gives you the freedom to go around. Renting one is very easy from the many bike rentals.

We rented a stable Honda from ‘Cheap as Chips’. Take note that you should carry your passport and driving license when renting one but should never leave them with the shop owner. Providing a copy of both should suffice. At the same time, always keep your helmets on and your DL on you as there can be random police checks here and there.

Check out our travel vlog from Phuket below. For more videos hop-on or subscribe to our YouTube channel, link here

All You Need is Krabi!

Hong Island in the distance, Krabi Thailand

Hong Island in the distance, Krabi Thailand

Our trip to Krabi was just what I needed at the time. We visited Krabi in May this year so I’m long overdue in posting about it here.

Well anyway, it was short and sweet and the right balance between relaxing and some activity.

We stayed at Amari Vogue Krabi at Tubkaak beach. While it’s no 5-star it still gives you the luxury of a secluded beach, away from the city center.

Tubkaak also boasts spectacular sunsets and we chose this place for that reason. Except for a brief sunset on one evening, we didn’t get to see the “stunning’ ones due to the weather. I’m always unlucky when it comes to sunsets … arghh :-/

Eat, Relax and a bit of Action sums up Krabi for us 😀 People planning a trip, take note 😀

Day 1 started with a relaxed lunch by the beach, followed by a city visit in the resort’s shuttle. We strolled there picking up some souvenirs in the shops – I like their colorful cloth bags (jholas), then went for a foot massage in of the many street side massage centers. I can vouch for these! They are value for money, really! Pitstop at Ao Nang also included in the city visit. Not much to do in the city although decent food options to choose from.

The unsual sunset Tubkaak

The unsual sunset at Tubkaak

Day 2, we wanted to go for a tour in the local wooden boats but the weather advisory recommended against it, so we settled for the pool and an hour of kayaking. Kayaks were available on rent from the resort itself. Still pretty good as it worked up a great appetite. Then off to the resort’s thai restaurant for some delicious pad thai and red thai curry with rice! The evening was once more at the beach with drinks during happy hours! And we did manage to see the sunset. Not the best but still something.

Nom, Nom

Nom, Nom Thai Food

Day 3 was the best as we did two things I was wanting to do since we got to Krabi. Number 1 – Island Hopping in the traditional long tailed boat. The morning turned out to be bright and sunny and we hailed a boat right from the resort beach. The whole tour lasted about 3 hours. The boatman took us to nearby Hong Island where we could swim and snorkel. The views are amazing especially with the limestone rock formations jutting out here, there, everywhere. And the waters so green and sparkly!


Long tailed boat, Krabi

Isn't this a kickass capture

Isn’t this a kickass capture

Snorkeling at Hong Island

Snorkeling at Hong Island

Number 2 – Full body massage! We purchased a couples package at Amari itself and let the masseuse do their job. It was just wow! I could hear the knots in my body popping open. So gooood! Sigh!

And we had to go for more thai food at their restaurant 🙂

Anyone visiting Krabi has to do the above. End of story 😀

So that’s it! I would love to go back to Krabi – stay at a beach resort, enjoy the views, the food and throw in a few massages. Thank goodness for places like these. Without them, the Earth wouldn’t be this interesting.

I hope the beach bums found a tip or two in-here. Until next time, soak up the sun peeps!

Oh the beauty <3

Oh the beauty ❤